Investment Philosophy

“Our view on portfolio construction is driven by an evaluation of the overall client financial picture, which includes both liquid and illiquid asset classes. It is our goal to construct and manage the liquidity and investable asset parts of the portfolio while taking into account a client’s overall financial situation. In this manner, we implement the investable asset allocation in order to protect and grow the total net worth of the client.”

There are four guiding principles that drive our asset allocation decisions and portfolio construction process. We believe adherence to these principles provides our clients with protection and asset growth whether economic growth is faster or slower than expected or whether inflation is higher or lower than forecasted.

  • Create “All Weather” Portfolios:
    Focus on the protection and the growth of capital in an absolute sense rather than relative to stated benchmarks. We believe portfolios should be constructed in a manner which allows the portfolio to perform in varying economic scenarios. Since no one can perfectly predict future growth or future inflation, you must be positioned for protection and growth regardless.
  • Asset Allocation within the Framework of the Overall Financial Picture:
    Asset allocation within the investable assets must account for the risk and liquidity aspects of the “non-investable” assets, such as family businesses, direct “personal use” real estate holdings, fine art, and other collectibles.
  • Unbiased Institutionally Researched Managers:
    Portfolios are constructed, implemented and monitored at the manager and product level. All pieces of the portfolios—from traditional long-only equity managers to emerging private equity offerings— pass through an institutional due diligence process from world class research firms that we selected based on their particular expertise.
  • Implement Efficiently:
    Portfolios are implemented to deliver efficient and passive low-cost solutions where alpha generation is unlikely, then seeking and implementing the best active managers where generating alpha is possible. Because of our independent advisory structure and our institutional relationships, we have virtually the entire investment universe of managers from which to choose. We add, delete and rebalance among asset classes and managers on a dynamic basis.

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