Our Process

We place an emphasis on long-term, comprehensive financial planning.

01. Discovery Phase

Discovery phase where we get to know you and the people who are important in your life. We aim to understand your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and need for liquidity.

02. Gather Data

Gather all qualitative and quantitative financial and personal data such as cash flows, brokerage statements, and retirement plan information.

03. Analyze Data

Analyze and evaluate all of the data, documents, and financial information through sophisticated financial planning software.

04. Develop the Plan

Develop the long-term comprehensive plan including a formal investment policy statement (IPS) and strategic asset allocation.

05. Implement the Plan

Implement the recommendations of the plan by identifying and helping to select specific strategies, solutions, products, and services. In this stage, we will work closely with your other service providers and professionals.

06. Monitor the Plan

Constantly monitor and review the plan to make sure the client is on track to reach their targeted goals and objectives.



Investment Philosophy


Economic Scenarios



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