Triangulation of Advice

We have separated our advice from where products are sourced and where assets are safely held (custody). We call this “The Triangulation of Advice”. At large brokerage firms and banks, these are traditionally linked and clients are given advice, buy products/services, and hold their assets all at the same financial institution. By completely unlinking these in a way most others don’t, we embrace a more client-focused, conflict free model. As a result, our clients can expect:

Objective Advice:

We provide customized advice that is 100% objective, transparent and free from outside influence. As fiduciaries for our clients, we are legally bound to place their interests above everything else we do.

Independent Custody of Client Assets:

The separation of custody creates an additional level of protection for clients. We have the flexibility to work with one or multiple top tier custodians such as Pershing/Bank of New York, Fidelity, and JP Morgan to hold all client assets in safe keeping. We have no affiliation or commitment to these firms; instead, we believe that they are the best firms for the job, and best meet our clients’ needs.

An Expanded Selection of Products and Services:

Instead of being captive to one company, our clients now become an extension of Harding & Company Advisors which is an institutional client of Wall Street and leverage the best intellectual capital, resources, and capabilities in the world, ranging from global capital markets research, alternative investments, credit and lending solutions, private banking services, investment banking capabilities, integrated technology, insurance, estate planning and much more.

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