Our Story

For over 30 years in the financial services industry, we grew frustrated by the constraints and red tape of being employees of large banks.

In 2017, we sought to reintroduce Harding and Company by creating a boutique advisory firm based on the principles of independence, transparency and client advocacy. Located in the heart New York, where our office feels more like a Silicon Valley start-up, high energy and high activity rather than an old Wall Street private bank, with old world mentalities. We are extremely professional; yet display a unique family-oriented environment that is comfortable and familiar for all clientele. We embrace new technology to enhance the client experience.

We provide comprehensive financial planning, overall wealth management, and strategic investment advice to retail investors, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and families who seek unbiased, intelligent advice and counsel. We are responsible for the crafting of customized investment solutions and for advising clients regarding matters related to investment policy, asset allocation, cash flow analysis, product selection, and performance analytics.

Our practice is reserved to an exclusive group of uniquely successful clients, allowing us the time needed to carefully customize our services and solutions. We have become a trusted and credible source of unbiased objective financial advice and counsel to help individuals and families properly manage their wealth and other financial matters. Most importantly we act as true fiduciaries to always act in the best interest of our clients, a cornerstone of being truly independent.

“Harding & Company’ model is simple and clear: every component of our platform is designed to ensure that our wealth management team is able to protect and grow their clients’ wealth with absolute objectivity. “

Why an Independent Advisor?


A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken a legal obligation to act in the best interest for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence


Your interests are best served by a Wealth Management Advisor who acts as a truly unbiased fiduciary, as opposed to traditional brokerage and bank advisors who are held only to the “suitability” standard.


You want your advisor to be focused on providing the best possible advice to meet your needs, as opposed to being motivated to execute transactions. Unlike traditional brokerage and bank advisors, Harding & Company’s wealth management team has no incentive to recommend transactions and instead can provide their best, unbiased advice and counsel at all times.


As an independent advisory, Harding & Company’s investment solutions are selected from the best available sources across the industry. Your wealth management team is not obligated to sell certain products, creating a conflict-free environment. Investment solutions are vetted through an institutional research process and consistently monitored throughout the investment cycle.


Harding & Company’s clients’ assets are custodied at leading independent custodians such as Pershing/Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan, and Fidelity among others. Harding & Company utilizes consolidated reporting technology inhouse that integrates the client’s entire portfolio of assets onto one statement.

Competitive Advantage

We have developed a unique family oriented culture that places a larger emphasis on long-term financial planning than on short-term performance. Maintaining the belief that by educating and collaborating with our clients about their investments, they are more inclined to come up with their own informed decisions.


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We work with people who are seeking in-depth financial planning and independent investment advice so that they have the confidence and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities that wealth management brings. Our clients range from executives and professionals, small-business owners and entrepreneurs to corporations and fund managers.